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Godaddy is sealed, the large number of sites can not be accessed

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In May 2012, the the Godaddy main station from China resolution is very unstable, parsing is masked normal, Railway line, basic telecommunications masked more and more GoDaddy DNS server regional interference can notthis Godaddy own domain name can not be resolved, the large number of sites can not be accessed, especially in Godaddy registered domain name owners.

Beginning in July last year, some of the telecom operators in China began to shield part Godaddy's DNS service, leading to large-scale use Godaddy DNS website can not be accessed from China, such a direct shielding NS (DNS) service approach, a very bad influence one or two so-called "harmful information" in order to "punish" a direct result of the thousands of innocent sites can not be accessed, can be described as "rather kill a thousand, can not let go of a" less extreme means.

Godaddy is the world's largest domain name registrar, Godaddy domain name registration fee is very low in the same industry, the average price is only half of the domestic domain name service, is a very good domain name service provider, for example, the year of 139 million net registered com domain name yuan, Godaddy minimum is only $ 50. Many site owners are using Godaddy Domain Name Service. Network service providers of this well-known domain registrar illegal shielding alleged unfair competition. Godaddy accounted for nearly 32% of global market, with other causes of shielding domestic, overseas Sancheng website in the country can not be normal visit.

Any use of the GoDaddy DNS server, there may be the wall. Fortunately, only DNS shield, can be switched from Godaddy to DNSPod host unknown during a few minutes. Domestic DNS manner.

Other normal access to modify the local DNS, try Google dns: