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The trade rumors that Baidu will accelerate mergers and acquisitions UCweb

浏览次数:160次      更新时间:2013-03-27 20:45:56

Sohu IT, said sources from the investment community, Baidu is accelerating capital negotiations with gifted as (UCweb), to controlling or strategic investment UCweb. "Investment in Jinshan, UCweb series of negotiations are conducted by Li himself with people is expected to be reached soon." In June 2012, there had been Baidu $ 400 million acquisition of UC49% stake. But the transaction has not been reached.


Baidu internal sources said, Baidu recently stepped up investment in all defense and mobile end, and to accelerate the process of investment, but the investment and M & A, by Robin Li personally intervene.

"Baidu lack of moving side entrance, holding UCweb is the best choice." Analysts said the investment community. Internet analysts had the Keso also said, "If this message (Baidu acquisitions UCweb) is confirmed, it will be Baidu defensive acquisition, the main purpose is to prevent the UC acquisition of other Internet giants."

However, Baidu transactions acquisitions UCweb ability to achieve and there are many factors in the left and right. The source said that contact in June last year, Baidu valuation of $ 816 million to UCweb the UCweb aspects of their own valuation of 10 billion dollars, the final price of the two sides did not  agree. The valuation of UCweb may be higher, Baidu need to pay more cash, Baidu can accept is a problem. Meanwhile, UCweb the founding team as well as Alibaba, Nokia and other strategic investors is whether they can accept a Baidu acquisition is also variable.

As of press time, Baidu and UCweb, not yet to comment on the two sides to discuss the issue.