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wanwang alleged breach of security can lead to register a domain name malicious hijacking

浏览次数:158次      更新时间:2013-03-27 20:45:56

Dispatch of sina science and technology on January 4th afternoon message, security issues feedback platform clouds ( today through the micro-blog said in a news release, network security vulnerabilities can lead to register a domain name hijacking is malicious.
Wu Yun said in the micro-blog, "the network be proof of the existence of security vulnerabilities, can be hijacked in the network domain name registration malicious users, completely repair loopholes in the nets suggest you Adsense and enterprises to increase monitoring of domain name".
In fact, the clouds are victims of this vulnerability. According to the micro-blog has revealed, this vulnerability to the attack, "and a long time cannot access and creates the actual loss of interest". The official further said, as network users will retain the right to prosecute.
In this regard, the lawyer Zhao Zhanling pointed out: if its loopholes instead of the user causes the domain name hijacking, 10 thousand nets should ask users to compensate for the losses. Otherwise, the user can through legal channels for all responsibility.
To date, all did not respond.